Pilates studio in Skolkovo is a comfortable training area equipped with professional equipment for Pilates training.

Regular training will help you strengthen the muscle corset, improve posture, increase flexibility, coordination and endurance, correct overweight problems.

Pilates classes are included in the DAclinic range of services along with other procedures to maintain your beauty and health.

Our trainers

Pilates studio in Skolkovo
Our Pilates trainers and physiotherapists are teachers and real experts in their field.

To pay proper attention to everyone, we do not make large groups. Our credo is a comprehensive approach to whole-body wellness. We will help you learn how to move naturally and feel confident while maintaining your health, strength and harmony.

With us, you can be sure that you will achieve the best results and we are happy to help You with this!

Training sessions

Classes in our Clinic can be started at any level of training. They are suitable both for those who are just getting acquainted with the Pilates Wellness method and for those who have already appreciated all the advantages of “smart training” and are ready to improve their results.

Pilates studio in Skolkovo at the DAclinic offers the following types of services:
  • individual training sessions,
  • mini-group training,
  • one-time classes and subscriptions to the training block.
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Our equipment

Reformer 1.

The R1 class is intended for absolute beginners. We recommend this class to those who have never worked out on the Reformer machines or have little experience in pilates classes. R1 is a low-intensity class that gives an idea of training on Reformer machines.

You will get detailed explanations and demonstrations on how to use the Reformer calmly and safely and prepare for the next levels of training. In the course of training, you will definitely work out the muscles of the press, arms, gluteal muscle and back muscles. We recommend you attend a starting training session with a trainer before attending group classes.


Reformer 2.

R2-designed for trained students. The lesson focuses on endurance and flexibility. Exercises are chosen to improve the mobility of the joints and the ability to stabilize them. The mid-level class includes cardio, strength, and high intensity.

You will be able to strengthen the entire body safely for the spine. Work out and strengthen the gluteal muscles, abdominal muscles, knees and ankles. R2 is strength, stability, and awareness of the body and mind. If you have been doing pilates for a long time, but this is your first time in our Studio, we recommend that you attend the starting training session with a trainer.

Pilates studio in Skolkovo

Pilates studio in Skolkovo