The complex of Pilates training is the main direction of kinesiotherapy in our Clinic.

студия пилатеса в Сколково

Pilates training is as effective as possible. Their goal is to use all the muscle groups necessary for the normal functioning of the body. They stimulate metabolism, improve the work of the vestibular apparatus, strengthen the muscles, stimulate myofascial agglomeration (which means that they conduct lymph flow in order and normalize the response of muscle tissue).

Pilates is a variation of the training process, an individual approach and a variety of simulators that can be used not only to strengthen muscles, gain vigor and energy, but also in the process of rehabilitation after operations or injuries.

Classes in our Clinic can be started at any level of training. They are suitable both for those who are just getting acquainted with the Pilates Wellness method and for those who have already appreciated all the advantages of “smart training” and are ready to improve their results.

The Clinic offers the following types of Pilates in Skolkovo:
  • individual training sessions,
  • mini-group training,
  • one-time classes and subscriptions to the training block.
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Pilates Studio in Skolkovo at the DAclinic

Pilates studio in Skolkovo