The methods of massage and osteopathic treatment used in our Clinic are inextricably linked to the General concept of harmonious subordination of all levels of the human body.

These practices, supplemented by unique high-tech developments (whether vibration or wave techniques), are aimed at solving complex problems, accumulating and enhancing the effectiveness of procedures and training. However, they are self-sufficient.

The methods of osteopathy used in our Clinic are aimed at correcting the level of the physical plan, at eliminating psychosomatic disorders (for example, relief of iatrogenic diseases), and at equalizing the General psychoemotional and energy background of the patient.

At the same time, they are comfortable and painless. This means that they are also suitable for relaxing treatments.

In the Clinic You have the opportunity to enjoy:
  • vacuum massage,
  • acupuncture facial massage with placenta roll,
  • General body massage.
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