Massage is one of the areas of our Clinic’s work that are included in the complex of procedures for maintaining your beauty and health.

Our specialists use various types of massage in their work. Each of them is selected based on the one you need. Here are some of them.

General massage in Skolkovo

This massage is designed to increase the level of coherence of the entire body. It aims to restore the natural balance. Soft, but at the same time effective, work with joints, breathing and muscles allows you to activate the hidden resources of the body to strengthen Your immune system. And achieving the set results both in sports and in life.

In this version of massage techniques designed to harmonize the mental and physical state come to the fore:
  • soft massage,
  • aromatherapy,
  • pnf-stretching,
  • lymphatic drainage massage,
  • facial massage.
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Sports massage in Skolkovo

It is aimed at improving physical activity indicators. Increase the return, make the result more productive. This is primarily about joint mobility and the elimination of pain syndromes that interfere with movement (including in everyday life).

In sports massage, our specialists combine several methods of exposure:
  • classical massage,
  • myofascial practices,
  • pnf-therapy.
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Honey massage

This massage has an author’s style of performance. In addition to its well-known property to adjust the shape, it has another feature. Honey in this version of massage works on principles similar to the function of the fascia in the body. It envelops completely, becoming a kind of connective tissue that transmits the effects of the massage therapist to a deeper level of the biological structure.

There is a complex effect on the body. This is especially important if you do Pilates, dance, functional training, or yoga. Of course, before making an appointment for this massage option, you should check whether you are allergic to honey.

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