Human placenta extract can be compared to the elixir of youth.

Laennec партнеры DAclinic плацентарная терапия
Мэлсмон партнеры DAclinic

The supply of energy and vitality of the human body is almost endless … But – only almost. In order to return you to the state of beauty and youth, we use in our Clinic the method of placental therapy, which renews cells and restarts their metabolism.

We use in our work only patented medicines – LAENNEC and MELSMON, which do not contain stem cells, hormones and have no gender contraindications. The principle of our work, based on the natural renewal of the body, allows you to achieve a stable, long-term result without side effects. Increasing your confidence, happiness and beauty.

We offer the following procedures to our Patients:
  • Detoxification with placenta medicines,
  • Intravenous infusion of LAENNEC or MELSMON,
  • Placental therapy in an individual treatment program. 
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