Beauty is much more than it seems at first glance.

Лечебные маски в Сколково

A beautiful human is a confident human. His/her psychological and emotional background is stable. This means that its hormonal background is also stable. The endocrine system works naturally, without interruption. It is harmonious. Such a person is protected from viruses, he is not afraid of seasonal infectious diseases.

This is the main principle of the work of the direction of our Clinic, which is responsible for carrying out cosmetic procedures using stimulating healing masks, non-surgical and medicine-free lifting of the zygomatic muscle, correction of facial wrinkles, or any other “beauty techniques” that we use as part of your harmonization process.

For our patients, we offer:
  • professional care and healing masks (made in Japan),
  • acupuncture facelift,
  • face skin diagnostics.
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