Cleansing the body is a necessary condition for any successful therapy.

Здоровье и красота детокс в Сколково

Every one of us needs a detox. And at the same time, detox should be the basis for any of the procedures. Detox consists of cleansing all levels of the body through bioactive practices aimed at restoring the natural balance. Cleanliness is what is natural.

Using the latest developments in diet therapy, delicate pharmaceutical and homeopathic methods, as well as the methods of kinesiotherapy and acupuncture – we achieve a complete reboot of cells, stimulate their metabolism.

For those who want to return the lightness and feel the energy with the help of detox, we offer the following services in the Clinic:

  • individual diet development,
  • various procedures for the cleanse (acupuncture, vacuum massage, etc.),
  • recommendations for healthy habits developing to strengthen the natural mechanisms of purification.
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