DAclinic partners are the world’s leading manufacturers of placental therapy products.

Our priority is the safety and comfort of our customers. For You, we offer only high-quality, proven for many years medicines, the result and safety of which we can guarantee with DAclinic partners.


Laennec партнеры DAclinic плацентарная терапия

Laennec (human placenta hydrolysate) is an innovative medicinal original injectable medicine. Immunomodulating and hepatoprotective agents. Made In Japan.

The official distributor in the Russian Federation is RHANA Medical Corporation.

MELSMON – Vitanta

Мэлсмон партнеры DAclinic

Melsmon is a unique concentrate of low-molecular biologically active substances obtained from the terminal villi of the human placenta chorion. Made In Japan.

The official distributor on the territory of the Russian Federation is Vitanta LLC.