We often hear questions from our patients about smart fitness, about trainers with a deep knowledge of anatomy, understanding of biomechanics and body biochemistry. And also about doctors with a holistic, interdisciplinary approach – a metapractic approach.

We answer that we have such specialists, trainers and doctors. Using the principles of preventive medicine in their work. They are able to teach you how not to get sick.

Therefore, we opened our unique metaclinic at a unique time. In a unique place – in Skolkovo.

DAclinic Advantages

A clinic located near the house

This is a guarantee that you will not miss procedures and training. No need to waste time on the road and get stuck in traffic jams. You can do training early in the morning, during the period of the greatest natural activity of the body.

Licensed medical services

Even if there is a “lockdown” again, and we are restricted from moving – you can still exercise to protect yourself from the effects of the virus. After all, our Clinic is a medical institution. Our services are licensed. We have the right to carry out medical practice, take tests and do therapy.

Personalized approach

You can always, at any convenient time, use the services of a massage therapist, nutritionist, any of our specialists. The doctor and trainer will develop exactly for you the program that you need.

Flexible scheduling

You can visit us before work, after a run or after the gym in order to do a recovery procedure or a stretching workout. We value your time, therefore, the timing of the main complex of our procedures is based on maximum efficiency with a minimum amount of time.

Appreciate your moments with loved ones

Young mothers can train with us in the intervals between feedings. In 60 minutes, complete a set of exercises, take several procedures, and return to your baby.