DAclinic Philosophy: Our goal is to make you happy.

Happiness is continuous movement. Development, harmonization and self-cognition. Health, success, beauty and eternal youth are possible only on condition of conscious synthesis.

And we told “DA” (which means “YES” in Russian) to synthesis, combining in our Clinic the most effective methods of training according to the Pilates system with high-tech bioinformation technologies for rejuvenation, reboot and renovation of the body.
интерьер DAclinic

Our Clinic is a metapractic.

The world is changing. Man is part of the world. Everything around is a part of moving energies and vibrations, changes in time and space. Movement is essential for health. Health is essential for movement. And only together they can make you happy.

Only by being in harmony with the movement of streams that surround us all, you can move into the future. And we said “DA” to the future.

DAclinic Interior

We said “DA” to the changes.

And we are changing with the world. The completely new format of our Clinic allowed us to create a unique ecosystem of health and beauty. Our techniques are over conventional therapeutic principles. And the synthesis of approaches provides a unique effect.

Your DA.

In our Clinic of Kinesiotherapy, we said “DA” to the Universe, having perceived its vibrations. And now we are ready to share this unique knowledge and techniques with you. This is DAclinic Philosophy.

DAclinic Advantages
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